What is FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper?

What is FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper made from?

FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper, which is also known as stone paper or rock paper, is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO) with a small quantity (20%) of non-toxic resin (HDPE- High Density Polyethylene). The Calcium Carbonate in our stone paper comes from limestone collected as waste material from existing quarries for the building and construction industry. It is ground up down to a fine powder like chalk and the HDPE acts as a binder for the Calcium Carbonate. Together these materials create a tough, durable paper that is both water and tear resistant! Imagine, a soft, smooth, bright white paper that performs like a film but without all the petroleum!

What kind of process is used to make FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper?

FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper is made with a clean production process which does not utilize water or emit toxic air. FiberStone Natural Stone Paper® is chlorine free, acid free, and safe for the environment. Additionally, its production causes no air pollution, has a very low carbon footprint and uses no bleaching chemicals.

Who should use FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper?

Being a completely tree-free paper i.e. a paper made of stone, FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to help conserve one of our earth’s valuable carbon storing resources–TREES.
FiberStone natural stone paper is completely waterproof!

Can FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper be recycled?

Yes, It can be recycled to make new FiberStone® Paper or other plastic products such as lumber, furniture, or receptacle bins. FiberStone Paper can also be recycled in the building & construction industry, waste treatment, steel manufacturing, farming, and glass making.
Can FiberStone® Paper be used as a substitute for virgin or recycled paper? What about film?

Yes! Stone paper can be used to substitute traditional papers used in the printing industry, such as Synthetic Paper & Film (Yupo, primax, tyvek, etc…), Premium Coated Paper, Recycled Paper, and PVC Sheet. Being impervious to water it can also be very useful for outdoor applications. FiberStone® stone paper is photodegradable after a period of about 14-18 months!

What about FiberStone® labels?

Eco Friendly labels and tags are a perfect use for FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper. Natural Source Printing, Inc. has initiated the patent process on stone paper labels and is pleased to bring FiberStone® labels to market. FiberStone® labels are completely waterproof- inks adhere without the need for varnishes or over laminates! Allow us to print your next label project for you! Label suppliers/converters please contact us for info on how you can offer our FiberStone® label stock to your customers. Sample rolls available with a variety of adhesives!

Are FiberStone® labels durable?

FiberStone® labels are extremely durable. They are:

  • Water Proof
  • Grease Proof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • An alternative to synthetic papers such as Yupo, Tyvek and polypropylene films
  • A great grease barrier
  • A great outdoors product