There are many smart planet friendly technologies available for packaging but FiberStone® natural stone paper is the one tried and true high performing, eco-friendly packaging materials that has the lowest impact on the planet.

Tree-Free Labels

FiberStone® labels compare to high end film labels and synthetic paper labels in performance yet costs much less and has the eco-friendly component that consumers demand. Two of the best applications for FiberStone®


FiberStone® natural stone paper is the perfect medium for eco-friendly posters, banners, POP displays and in-store signage. These items are typically made of toxic vinyl, plastic, or paper. Sale posters, floor graphics and in-store


Why choose FiberStone® natural stone custom printed bags? The soft, supple texture and excellent printability make stone paper bags a keepsake and a great conversation piece for consumers, thus extending the advertising and marketing

So What Exactly is FiberStone® Natural Stone Paper?

  • Tree Free…
  • Tear Resistant…
  • Water Proof…

How could stone could possibly be made of fibers? In this case, fiber is used to describe the amazing substance and toughness of FiberStone® natural stone paper. Explore the world of FiberStone® natural stone paper to find out what a gem it has become in helping to save our forests, oceans, and our planet as well as how stone paper's toughness and strength have benefit many as a durable alternative packaging material.

"Natural Source printing and Fiberstone® paper have changed the way our company looks and feels. I can't say enough about the company or the product."

-Matt Macko, Environmental Building Strategies

FiberStone® natural stone paper is quite simply a tree-free, durable paper made of stone. You've heard the buzz. Our paper has been copied and rebranded by many and has been called many things- stone paper, limestone paper, eco-stone, rock paper, xxx-stone and even a 'skin' from the earth.

FiberStone® paper is the real thing- paper made from natural stone- specifically 80% natural calcium carbonate powder. No other product on the planet compares to FiberStone®, the true eco-friendly line of sustainable, recyclable paper. FiberStone® natural stone paper is a smart planet choice for any application requiring a tough, durable and eco-friendly paper or film. Though this technology is not new to our planet FiberStone® natural stone paper has become wildly popular as an eco-friendly paper recently, making headlines everywhere and promoted by smart packaging consultants and eco-friendly brands. Dig deep into our website to learn more about why FiberStone® natural stone paper may be the right choice for your next environmentally sustainable packaging material or green printing project.

FiberStone® brand stone papers use ingredients that are 100% sustainable, since they originate from and are returned to the earth.

"Clean, drinkable water is going to be as valuable in the future as oil is today."

-Allen Hershkowitz, Ph.D. National Resources Defense Council

Eco Audit:

  • One ton of virgin paper creates 16,000 gallons of contaminated waste water
  • One ton of recycled paper creates 9,000 gallons of contaminated waste water
  • One ton of virgin paper uses 36,000 BTU's of energy
  • One ton of FiberStone® natural stone paper creates Absolutely NO waste water, and uses HALF the energy of virgin paper, and 1/3 the energy of recycled paper!


When evaluating 'green' products keep in mind that there is much more to consider than the three "R's"- Recycle, Reuse, Renew. We believe in the Green Triangle™ model.
The Components of the Green Triangle™:
SUSTAINABILITY- "Beginning of Life"
FiberStone® is the ONLY truly performing eco-friendly material that excels in ALL THREE AREAS of the Green Triangle™

"The paper industry accounts for over 12 percent of total manufacturing energy use in the United States... it takes a tremendous amount of energy to convert trees into paper."

-N.Martin,N.Anglani,D.Einstein,M.Khrushch,E.Worrell,and L.K. Price, Opportunities to Improve Energy