Rock Paper, Limestone Paper, Stone Paper: Fact Vs Fiction

“We’ve Got the Paper Pushers Worried”

Right about now you’re saying to yourself- “This stone paper stuff is amazing!” “Why hasn’t my printer/broker/paper rep/label printer told me about it?!” We’ve found that many printers and reps fear new things. They don’t want to disturb the existing business they get from you. As a result some go back to their clients and create doubt about stone paper. We’ve heard it all, from “It’s not recyclable” to “It’s radioactive”.

As THE source for natural stone paper we’re here to give it to you straight. Here’s the no nonsense, no frills page you’ve been looking for. FiberStone® natural stone paper is a great new material and it is many things. Here we’ll tell you what stone paper is and what it is not, how it can be used and how it shouldn’t.

Is stone paper recyclable?

You bet! FiberStone® natural stone paper is recyclable with both paper AND plastic. Our trials have shown that stone paper does not, in any way contaminate the recycling stream. It doesn’t ‘confuse’ the recyclers or get ‘sorted out’. FiberStone® stone paper labels for example do extremely well on HDPE bottles as there is almost always calcium carbonate found in these bottles to begin with.

FiberStone® natural stone paper also does well in paper recycling streams as, again calcium carbonate can be found in that stream as well.

Is stone paper biodegradable?

No, stone paper is not biodegradable. It must be recycled in order to keep it out of landfill. Much of the country’s current waste is, however sent off to WTE (Waste to Energy) plants where it is incinerated, scrubbed of carbon, and ‘recycled’ into energy. Even your paper waste ends up in WTE plants. IF stone paper ends up at a WTE plant it actually is a great contributor. Stone paper burns more cleanly than many other materials and does not produce toxins.

Does it weigh more?

Yes, because stone paper is made from ‘stone’ it does weigh more- 250 sheets of 8 mil stone paper weighs just under 80 lbs. compared to the same count of comparable paper weighing in at just under 50 lbs. We do find that in many cases the strength translates to the ability to downgauge- using even less paper. Many consumers find the added ‘heft’ desirable. The paper feels stronger, sturdier and more luxurious than standard paper or film.

Does it consume less ink?

Being primarily calcium carbonate (think TUMS or ‘chalk’) stone paper absorbs ink and so in most cases it does use more ink however the water-based inks we use are friendlier for the environment than other inks on the market. Beware of other brands of paper or ‘…skin’ claiming that the paper uses less ink. It simply isn’t true.

Does stone paper contain toxins?

Absolutely not! We created FiberStone® natural stone paper as an alternative to toxic plastics such as PVC. FiberStone® natural stone paper is inert. The polymer additive does not leach out toxic chemicals, is benign and harmless. The calcium carbonate is Ph Neutral and contains no toxins whatsoever.

Trees or Rocks- Aren’t both non-renewable resources– What’s the difference?

Our forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. The US Geological Survey states that “Stone is one of the most accessible minerals on the planet”. Calcium carbonite is actually a by product of the exoskeletons of marine animals’ and can be found in great abundance all over the U.S. Mining and quarrying operations already existing in the world scrape away tons of calcium carbonate each year in an effort to get at the ‘more precious’ minerals. This excess material makes calcium carbonate a great ‘filler’ for papers, plastics and even some food products (think TUMS)! In fact, you’ll find it in many of the everyday products that you use.

I’ve heard of a few other ‘stone papers’, what’s the difference?

Some of the ‘other’ stone papers with ‘stone’ ending in the name are actually FiberStone®, others are just poor imitations often using clay coatings and in at least one case, impregnated with TREE FIBER!

As the most recognized source for stone paper there are several obvious advantages to FiberStone®. By selecting FiberStone® paper you are ensured that you’re getting a truly tree free paper with the highest quantity of natural minerals, along with the best availability (the other ‘stone paper’ providers generally don’t actually stock their papers and instead order from Asia), pricing, authenticity and the power of the FiberStone® brand and marketing. Don’t be fooled be copycats, there is only one FiberStone®.

Can my printer obtain and print FiberStone® natural stone paper ?

Currently only ‘certified printers’ are qualified to print on FiberStone® natural stone paper. While our results on hundreds of print jobs from menus to labels to brochures to banners has been exceptional stone paper is tricky to print and there are several things to consider before running a print job. Our certified printers have been printing on stone paper for over three years. Printers are welcome to inquire. Other stone papers or mineral based papers have been found to have either a ‘clay coating’ or a small quantity of actual paper fiber which, in our opinion doesn’t qualify them as ‘tree-free’.

Greenwashing is a serious charge. Beware of printers offering you ‘the same thing’ in a paper that is, well really just “paper” with some calcium carbonate in it. Printers interested in becoming certified FiberStone® natural stone paper affilitates can click here for more information on our upcoming printer affiliate program. Please be sure to mention ‘printer affiliate program’.

Can FiberStone® paper be laser or inkjet printed?

Our paper prints beautifully on inkjet or solid ink printers such as Xerox’s Phaser series (more eco-friendly than laser or inkjet) but will not print on laser printers because of the high heat involved in laser printing.

How does FiberStone® paper compare with other synthetic papers?

FiberStone paper is much more eco-friendly, and carries a lower cost than papers with comparable properties such as Teslin®, Tyvek®, Paper Tyger® and Polyart® (all registered trademarks). Our stone paper has the advantage of being eco-friendly AND tough, durable, tear resistant and waterproof!

What thicknesses does FiberStone® paper come in?

We currently offer 4 mil, 4.8 mil, 6 mil, 8 mil, 12 mil, and 18 mil thicknesses. FiberStone paper can also be laminated to CCNB (clay coated news back) or other recycled board to produce a water resistant, luxurious carton to 24 points in thickness.