Happy Tails, Nature Gate, Kor Water, Cyanotech – Success Stories

Kor Water

KOR Water is the maker of the KOR ONE, a new revolutionary designed, reusable water bottle. KOR believes passionately in the importance of clean water to human health and to the health of our planet, and in the power of design to inspire and motivate. Their mission includes creating sustainable hydration solutions and seeking to engage consumers on critical water-related issues of container recycling, ocean and watershed protection, and the global water crisis. The KOR ONE is more than just a water bottle. Designed into the cap is a place for the KOR Stone™ – a disc-shaped token with a message that provides a little bit of inspiration each time you drink.

KOR Water as a company recognized the great fit of using a water-free material such as FiberStone® for their KOR Stones. It not only enhanced their mission of conserving water, it also enhanced the performance. Since the KOR Stones have a possibility of getting wet, it was very important that they use a water-proof material. They were so pleased that FiberStone is completely water-proof, thus creating a perfect solution. KOR Water has now engaged in printing all their marketing materials with FiberStone paper to further their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. www.korwater.com

Cyanotech Corporation

Cyanotech Corporation, a world leader in producing high-value nutrition and health products from microalgae, chose FiberStone® labels for its redesigned Nutrex label launch in July, 2009.

Nutrex’s package redesign is part of its commitment to improving consumer awareness of the benefits of Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica®, a green Superfood known as the “most complete natural food source in the world.” Water is a critical component of Nutrex’s cultivation strategy. All Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is cultivated in an environment most similar to nature using 100% potable drinking water from Hawaiian aquifers and pure deep ocean water with 94 trace minerals. The closed systems ensure the maximum amount of water is recycled, minimizing traditional water waste. Nutrex also uses deep sea ocean water to cool its buildings.

Commenting on the agreement with Natural Source Partners, Andrew H. Jacobson, Cyanotech President and CEO, said, “We are thrilled to have discovered FiberStone since it perfectly complements our commitment and respect for the world’s water sources while also delivering functional packaging. We are the first supplement company to utilize this innovative technology. Managing the Planet’s natural resources is the responsibility of us all. Companies use labels every day. Think of how many trees and how much water could be saved if companies switched to FiberStone.” www.cyanotech.com

Nature’s Gate

In recognition of the importance of rainwater to the founding of Nature’s Gate and the desire to help communities in Asia and Africa gain sustainable supplies of clean, safe water, Nature’s Gate created three gift sets with ingredients and scents abundant in countries facing a water crisis. The company took its earth-loving principles a step further by ensuring that its products and packaging are recyclable and made with recycled materials whenever possible. Their three Holiday gift sets for 2008 were packaged in 100% recyclable boxes made with FiberStone™ tree-free and water-free paper. They were thrilled to use this unique earth-friendly material because of the fact that it saves trees and water, requires less energy to produce than the pulp paper, and eliminates the production of waterborne and solid wastes and atmospheric emissions.

Laura Setzfand, V.P. of Marketing at Levlad LLC, owners of the Nature’s Gate brand, explained that water conservation is never far from the brand owners’ minds. They could have used recycled paperboard for the carton, but recycling paper actually uses a lot of water. “We really wanted the whole package to be integrated. The irony of using FiberStone™ is that the tactile experience of holding the smooth surfaces of the package produces a cool, almost wet, sensation. ”

Setzfand believes the bottom line is reducing materials and practicing what you preach. For instance, a full 5% of the sales of this limited edition set will go directly to WaterAid America. “Using FiberStone really does support the mission of the brand,” Setzfand concludes. Natural Source Partners with their many media contacts found this story to be very news-worthy and they secured a cover article in Package Design magazine for FREE since they used such an alternative material as FiberStone for these boxes. The small premium they paid for their boxes turned out to be worth a lot in advertising, as they promote their cause of saving water and practicing what they preach. www.natures-gate.com

Earth Essentials Inc.

As a pioneer in pure-ingredient based skin and hair-care products, Earth Essentials Inc. decided to use Fiberstone® labels for their Earth Science product line. Being committed to providing environmentally safe products, they needed a label that was more eco-friendly and matched their need to take care of the planet. They wanted to make sure they could keep the quality of their existing label and maintain the water-proof capabilities while being earth-friendly at the same time. FiberStone ®is 80% less plastic and still water-proof like traditional plastic labels are. This created a win-win situation for Earth Essentials Inc. Now their marketing campaign and their vision of communication their commitment of earth-friendly products for their customers is complete. They believe that Extraordinary results come for Extraordinary ingredients. Now they can add Extraordinary Packaging to their offering.

Socal Cleanse

Socal Cleanse is the creator of eco-luxury cleansing and detox products, decided to truly focus on packaging with the goal of creating eco-friendly products. They wanted to ensure that their suppliers’ manufacturing processes supported their eco-friendly initiatives , with minimal water, and the use of non-toxic materials. Being a certified organic company they felt the packaging deserved as much attention as the organic sourcing of their ingredients.

They felt that FiberStone® Labels were a perfect fit for their products, as FiberStone® uses no water and no trees. Integrating FiberStone® into their packaging has helped them in their mission as they are eager to show that even small, start-up businesses can create eco-friendly and eco-efficient packaging through sheer dedication and willpower. www.socalcleanse.com

Happy Tails

Happy Tails, maker of canine grooming products, has a big mission of providing all natural eco-friendly products for their customers. Their biggest concern was that their labels were all 100% Plastic. This conflicted with one of their three top values of being an eco-friendly company.

They saw FiberStone as the perfect solution for them. Now they could share how they reduced their plastic use by 80%, and they loved that fact that their FiberStone® labels were almost equal in price to their previous plastic labels. This was the easiest change for them to make in their endeavor to be responsible in every aspect of their business. Visit Happy Tails online at www.happytailsspa.com

Petit Four Legs

Petit Four Legs, creator of hand-crafted canine treats, are on a big mission to reduce their environmental footprint. Their commitment to this mission includes composting 100% of all compostable kitchen and office waste and recycling 100% of all received packaging material. Being committed to implementing new procedures and packaging that will make them a more environmentally-responsible company, they saw FiberStone® as the perfect fit for all of their labels. Even with the deep color of their logo and artwork, the quality remained the same with FiberStone, and now they can calculate how many gallons of water and how many trees they are helping to save by utilizing this alternative material. With quality and eco-friendliness, FiberStone® gave them the best of both worlds. www.petitefourlegs.com

Tilvee Eco Ethical Skincare

Tilvee Eco Ethical Skincare wanted to set an example of how businesses can be socially & environmentally responsible. They also wanted to be an educated source of information for our consumers. They want to help be a driving force behind the “green” movement, which ultimately makes the world a better place. Their commitment to this– involved using organic ingredients in their products and using eco-friendly packaging. They use glass jars for their crèmes, and saw FiberStone® paper as the perfect fit for their Essential Fatty Acid Soap Wrappers. Since the paper is water-proof, the oils from the soaps wouldn’t stain through the paper. They loved the soft, matte feel of the paper, and how strong and durable it is. Being tear-resistant, it wouldn’t tear when folding and wrapping the way traditional paper might. They are now in the process of printing some of their other marketing materials, such as post cards and business cards with FiberStone®. www.tilvee.com

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, a collection of boutique hotels and chef-driven restaurants in the US, is an acknowledged industry pioneer and was the first to bring the boutique hotel concept to America. Kimpton leads the hospitality industry in ecological practices through its innovative EarthCare program that spans all hotels and restaurants.

Kimpton’s innovative EarthCare initiatives date back to the company’s inception in 1981 and include several industry firsts such as in-room recycling bins and the use of non-toxic cleaners brand-wide. Initiatives that were recently added to Kimpton’s more than 100 daily environmental practices include converting certain paper products to Fiberstone, a tree-free, water-free, natural paper alternative and converting to printer ink with a 70/80 ratio of bio-renewable content (higher BRC than soy ink).www.kimptonhotels.com

Coastal Cuties Gear

Southern California based Coastal Cuties began as a support group for new moms and a means to support local charities. The group has grown to over 300 moms strong and has branched out into several divisions including Coastal Cuties Gear- dedicated to providing advice, tips, and well tested, mother approved eco-friendly baby gear.

In 2009 Coastal Cuties Gear converted 100% of it’s product labels and marketing materials to FiberStone tree-free paper citing the environmental benefits, unique feel and waterproof qualities as the top reasons for choosing FiberStone paper. www.coastalcuties.com