FiberStone® Tree-Free Labels

• Performance • Price • Sustainability

The Time Has Come- You Can Have it All!

FiberStone® labels compare to high end film labels and synthetic paper labels in performance yet costs much less and has the eco-friendly component that consumers demand.

Tough, Durable, Tear-resistant and Waterproof
Replacement for Synthetic Papers and Films

Two of the best applications for FiberStone® natural stone papers are pressure sensitive labels and cut and stack labels. While higher in cost than paper labels FiberStone® labels are generally lower in cost than petroleum based film labels such as BOPP (polypropylene), Fasson™ Primax® (white) polyolefin film facestock*, Toxic Vinyl (most bumper stickers) and other films. FiberStone® tree-free labels are conformable thus making them the perfect choice for containers with compound curves or tubes.

Primax® is a registered trademark of Avery Dennison, Inc

FiberStone® tree-free cut and stack (sheet/glue applied) labels can be printed both standard and web offset.


  • Durable
  • High Quality Graphic Reproduction
  • Scuff Resistant/Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof (using the right coatings)
  • UV, Soy, Water-based inks
  • Die cut and dispense well
  • Consistent Color Reproduction
  • Naturally Matte Finish but can be Gloss Finished
  • Lower Cost than Synthetic Papers and Films
  • Higher Performing than Papers
  • Eliminates Bubbling/Darting found in Most Rigid Films
  • Non-toxic, safe for the environment
  • Can be coated with eco-friendly, waterproof, cold temperature and ice bucket adhesives

FiberStone® Labels Soaked in 100% Simple Green Concentrate (72 Hours)


FiberStone® label pricing

CASE STUDY: Surfrider Foundation/San Francisco Chapter opts for FiberStone® labels over traditional oil rich, toxic vinyl stickers.

Traditionally stickers are made of toxic vinyl/pvc, a material that is loaded with petroleum, releases toxic gases when manufactured and constantly leaches toxic chemicals. Vinyl stickers NEVER break down.

Surfrider wanted to be consistent in it’s message about clean water and a better environment and opted to print it’s hand out stickers on tough, durable, waterproof FiberStone® tree-free label material thus staying consistent with it’s environmental message.

The next time you print your bumper stickers make sure you’re using FiberStone® labels



“Can it be true? An eco friendly label that is waterproof, durable AND lower in cost than my current labels?”

When durability, conformability and water-resistance is needed people have turned to high priced, petroleum based film labels. FiberStone® labels combine the toughness of film with a unique soft texture that can’t be matched by higher cost synthetic labels.

“Can it stand up to high moisture, extreme cold or soapy, oily conditions?”

FiberStone® labels can withstand the toughest conditions outperforming other non-eco friendly labels.

“What about adhesives?”

FiberStone® labels can be coated with just about any adhesive, from ice-bucket to removables to aggressive permanent adhesive. You can even get a plant based, eco-adhesive.

“Tough, durable, waterproof, conformable… It HAS to be expensive right?”

Here’s where the rubber really meets the road. FiberStone® labels perform like film or synthetic paper labels but actually COST’S LESS!

“How do I find out more about FiberStone® labels?”

Printing on FiberStone® label material takes some getting used to. Beware of printers telling you “Sure, we can get that stuff.” If you are interested in becoming an authorized FiberStone® natural stone paper distributor or approved printer please contact us. FiberStone® labels are ONLY available through the following affiliates:

For Tree Free Paper Products

Tree Free Paper Products

For FiberStone® Labels & Tags

For Stickers, Posters, Graphics

“What are my options for purchasing FiberStone® natural stone papers?”

• Printable inkjet paper (business cards, 8.5? x 11? sheets, rolls)
• Wide format inkjet printable rolls (UV, Water, or Ecosolve printable)
• Offset printed bags, boxes, pop displays, folders, cartons, maps and other printed pieces
• Flexo or digitally printed labels, tags and flexible packaging

Dealer/Printer/Affiliate Inquiries

If you are a printer or broker and are interested in becoming an authorized FiberStone® natural stone paper dealer/ printer please contact us. Be sure to mention “FiberStone® natural stone paper affiliate program” and include information about your company. Inquires without details about your company will not be responded to.