Durable FiberStone® Bags

Why choose FiberStone® natural stone custom printed bags?


The soft, supple texture and excellent printability make stone paper bags a keepsake and a great conversation piece for consumers, thus extending the advertising and marketing value of your shopping bag


FiberStone® natural stone paper bags are tough and durable. They are tear resistant, grease and oil resistant, and stronger and more scuff resistant than typical paper or plastic bags, and can support more weight.


FiberStone® natural stone paper is not only made from recycled materials but it is fully recyclable with both paper and plastic. No need to have consumers return your bags to the store. They can be put into any recycle bin for full recyclability.


Imagine setting a paper bag into a puddle of water, or spilling a soda onto or into a paper bag! With FiberStone® bags water is no problem.


Unlike paper or plastic bags FiberStone® natural stone bags last and last. They stand up to the elements and to heavy daily use. Consumers like to re-use these bags for grocery shopping and other every day uses. They love the attention they get from showing off their natural stone bag and your brand will love the additional marketing value from repeated use of your bags!

High Value

FiberStone® bags, look great, are long lasting, and can be printed digitally or conventionally with UV, water-based or soy inks. The uses for FiberStone® bags are endless- they can be gussetted, sewn, grometted, outfitted with hemp, nylon, rope, or economical TR cotton available in 24 different colors.